Inspired by the reality of Woodland Fairies, Thea spent her childhood summers in the South of England gathering flower petals to brew extraordinary Lotions and Potions.

The Tea House kitchen at the heart of her farm in the Hudson Valley serves as Thea’s workshop today. Here she combines her passion for gardening and her fascination with flavouring methods of Old to amplify her traditional tea blends with uniquely tasty botanical infusions.

These concoctions, much to her dismay, never turned out quite like those of the cherished Little Folk of the Forest until one day her mother redirected her endeavours from the back garden of the Sussex countryside to the kitchen.


On the other side of the ocean, pint-sized Ariel followed close to her hippie Momma as she flitted through their family kitchen brewing homeopathic remedies and herbal tonics.

The secrets of natural philosophy gleaned during her childhood cultivated a love of tinctures and infusions Ariel pursued when she moved to Brooklyn. With expert assistance from her cat, Durty, Ariel spends time dreaming up innovative steeps and spells in her Williamsburg digs.


Camellia Sinensis, “the tea plant” was one of the first plants cultivated on earth. For centuries, complex aromatic tea leaves and water were combined to make pure, delicious infusions believed to boost general health and wellbeing.

A mere Two Hundred years later, Thea and Ariel, recognizing tea as a collection of the best of nature and passionate about the return to natural foods and a healthier lifestyle, set out to reclaim the premium standard of full-flavoured brewed tea totally free of calories and sugar. 

The culture of vitality surrounding the drinking of pure tea was polluted when, during the Industrial Revolution, tea was transformed from a healing elixir to a delivery system for Big Sugar as marketed to European tastes.

In the Tea House one sunlit day, after perfecting their first recipe, Thea and Ariel hopped in the Little Red Truck and began their quest…. (with a little help from the fairies).

The Results are in the Bottle